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MEET MANAGER for Swimming (MM) is available in a Start-Up version which can run basic meets. You have the option to purchase additional features from 2 standard options and 5 modules to meet your specific needs.  For example, you would need the Timing Console Interface if you have a timing system with pads or wireless watches. The Award Label option is a popular feature and there is a bundle price if you purchase the start-up with the award and entry labels option. If you are running a High School or College meet, you may not need any options. The Start-up includes Mailing and Registration labels.


Standard Options


Award Label Option

This option allows for the printing of an award label for various kinds of criteria - each of the top finishers in an event, Standard breakers, top heat finishers, etc.


Entry Card/Label Option

This option allows for the printing of an Entry card or label that contains each swimmer's name, age, sex, what event they are entered in, their entry time, etc. MM offers a wide range of card and label formats from which to choose.




Timing Console Interface

The Timing Console INTERFACE software allows MM to connect directly to popular timing consoles including the Colorado Time System CTS 4000, 5000, and 6000; Daktronics Omnisport 1000, 6000, and 2000; Kyrotech Tec-Timer; IST; Omega OSM 6, Ares 21, and PowerTime; Incomar Splash 1; BestBET Timing; the ALGE SWIM 2000; and CTS Dolphin Wireless Watches. Connect your PC or Mac (using Windows hardware or software emulation) running MEET MANAGER to the timing console with a standard serial cable available at most computer supply stores. With one mouse click, import times including splits as well as download events right to the Timing Console - it's easy and fast and no KEYING ERRORS! In order to interface with any of the timers just listed, you will need to purchase the Timing Console Interface.


Dolphin Backup Mode

The CTS Dolphin is a wireless stopwatch timing system available for 6 to 10 lanes with up to three watches per lane. The CTS Dolphin hardware interfaces directly to MEET MANAGER and replaces the standard stop watches used to backup the pad and push button times from a timing console.


Button Finish Interface

Designed for Open Water events, this option allows the after race downloading of times from the Time Machine, the Time Tech Sprint 8, the Chronomix 737, the Nielsen-Kellerman Interval 2000XC Watch, the Omega Power Time, and the Ultrak L10. In addition, FinishLynx result .lif files can be imported if a FinishLynx photo finish system is used.


Alphanumeric Scoreboard Interface

The Scoreboard INTERFACE connects the HY-TEK MEET MANAGER for Swimming computer directly to most alphanumeric scoreboard systems. MM sends both Start Lists (Swimmers' names) and Results right to the Scoreboard display. Connect the HY-TEK MM computer directly to the Scoreboard computer with a standard serial cable available at most computer supply stores.


Network Pro

The Pro Option of HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER for Swimming includes two very powerful features:


Multi-User Network Feature

Whether you are running your meet in one pool or you are running a double-ended meet, this feature will clearly change the way you run your meets. If you are running a double-ended meet, you can set up two computers and share the same Database - one computer running the boys events and one computer running the girls events Or you can even run the even heats on one computer and the odd heats on the other. And at the same time, you can have the Clerk of Course handling Check-In, Scratches, and Seeding - all information being shared from a common Database.


Real-Time Results Upload to the Web

MM Pro can upload a complete results web page with the event list indexed into each event's result without the web master writing a single line of HTML code. In addition, as the meet progresses, MM Pro can upload the results to the web site for the just completed Event or the just completed Heat with one key stroke. This is a great feature for parents, swimmers, and coaches to actually watch the meet live as it happens.


To find out what options are included in your MM release, click on Help / About and MM will display the options you currently have configured.  If you need additional options, just call or Email the HY-TEK Sales Office or order Online at