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Online Meet Entry (OME)

HY-TEK, part of the Active Network, is developing a complete Online Meet Entry (OME) System that is accessed directly by Meet Manager and Team Manager.  This online access does not require importing or exporting files but is a direct pipeline from HY-TEK products to our OME System.

We demoed the system during the ASCA and USAS clinics in September 2010 and we plan to make our Early Adopter release in November. 

OME Highlights

  • Set up your list of Invited Swimmers for the meet.

  • Customize the email that is automatically sent to all invited swimmers so that they can sign up for the meet online.

  • Ask swimmers for Attendance information (I plan on coming to Session 1 and 2 but I cannot attend Session 3), or event declarations if you want your swimmers/parents picking the events they want to swim.

  • Review the declarations, make changes, set up your relays, and the approved list of declarations is automatically emailed to each swimmer.

Subsequent OME releases will support the collection of meet entry fees as well as other exciting features.

If you have any questions about the features, availability, or cost of this new online product, please contact Brandy Albert directly by emailing her at Brandy.Albert@activenetwork.com.

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