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TEAM MANAGER 6.0 for Swimming


Team Management software has been at the core of HY-TEK's  software suite of products since 1986.  In 1996, we introduced our first Windows version followed by TEAM MANAGER II in early 2001, TEAM MANAGER 4.0 in March 2004, and TEAM MANAGER 5.0 in March 2007.  TEAM MANAGER 6.0 is the current generation of team management software from HY-TEK. 

  Click Here for information about "What's in TM 6.0" and "How To Upgrade".
  Click Here to view the TEAM MANAGER 6.0 User Guide.
  Click Here for the current TM 6.0 Service Pack Update Release Notes.

TEAM MANAGER is designed for managing and tracking administrative and performance information for your club, school, or swim team. 

TEAM MANAGER makes entering a meet easy! Just specify a meet entry qualification time (if any) and TM will list all eligible swimmers and events right on the screen indicated with their best times.  You can even filter that list from a previously defined "Pre-Entered" list of swimmers so that only swimmers that have declared that they will be able to attend the meet will be on the list!   Just click on the events to be swum by each swimmer! It's easy, fast, and accurate.  TM will also pick your Best Relay by evaluating eligible swimmers' times and actually putting together the relay for you - with one mouse click!

Meet results can be entered quickly without ever having to enter the swimmer's name. Just select the event and TEAM MANAGER will display all eligible swimmers for that event. Pick one using your mouse or keyboard and enter his/her swim time (optionally enter splits, stroke rate, place and points). Or select a swimmer's name from an alphabetical list and TM will display all of his/her eligible events from which to choose.

TEAM MANAGER offers literally hundreds of reports including Best Times, Split Sheets to take to the meet, Meet Eligibility, Meet Results, Mailing Labels, Entry Cards/Labels, Award/Improvement Labels, 3D Graphs, Rosters, Registration, High Point, Predict Results, Records and Time Standards, Meet Entries, and Meet Entry Fees Report. TM  exports information to Excel, Word, HTML for the Web, character delimited files, and as well as to other file formats and
even exports Athlete names and their e-mail addresses directly to Outlook Express.

TEAM MANAGER supports our Data Interchange Format to import/export information to/from MEET MANAGER, Sports BUSINESS MANAGER, Personal SWIM MANAGER Reloaded, and TEAM Stats Online for the web.  So with any of our products, you only enter information ONCE.

TEAM MANAGER can be ordered with the Bronze, Silver, or Gold package.

Bronze Package TM Basic + FREE Team Stats and Team Connect Online
Silver Package Includes Bronze Package PLUS


..... Keep track of your records and indicate time standard qualifiers with this option (also includes USS Time Standards).
Graph ..... Let TEAM MANAGER make you a hit with age groupers and their parents! With the touch of a key, print a graph showing swimmer's improvement and overall performance.
Award/Improvement Label ..... Let TEAM MANAGER print a label for each swimmer that "improved" his/her time by an amount that you specify. Also, print labels based on place/finish in a meet or a Participant label.
Entry Labels ..... Print Labels or cards that reflect entries for an upcoming meet (including each swimmer's best time and optionally their heat and lane assignments).
Journal/Recruiting ..... This feature lets you enter any text (notes) to be stored into your database by date and title as well as enter recruiting information for athletes.
Predict Results ..... Great for college & high school teams to simulate event and overall meet results for dual meets.
Pro Network ..... Pro Feature that allows you to share one database from multiple computers on a Local Area network.
Gold Package Includes Silver Package PLUS
Workout Mngr. Basic ..... Designed to develop and analyze daily workouts and to record attendance and actual yardage.
WM Training Feature .... Record tests sets, predict training paces using the T-30 test.
WM Pace Clock Feature ..... Allows you to download up to 10 workouts (1 per lane) from TM directly to the CTS 4,5, or 6 or the Daktronics 6000 or 2000 timing consoles.
Team Connect Online

Team Connect Online is a remote server based subscription product and service that supports access to your TEAM MANAGER database from the web!  Add new swimmers, correct spellings, update contact information, declare meet entries for the upcoming meet, and change registration information so that team coaches and administrators can view those changes when they access Team Connect Online.  No more having to mail or email them a Backup or Export for them to Restore or Import into their copy of your team's database!  Click Here for more information about Team Connect Online.

What You Will Need to Run TEAM MANAGER

TEAM MANAGER requires a Pentium, Celeron, or AMD computer of at least 500 MHz (preferably a 1 GHz or faster) with at least 1 GB of RAM (preferably 2 GB of RAM or more) and Windows XP/XP Pro, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

Pricing and Order Information

Click Here for information about ordering and/or upgrading to TEAM MANAGER 6.0.


TEAM MANAGER Lite is software designed for a meet host to distribute to teams entering the meet so that those teams can send their meet entries to the meet host electronically by disk or over the Internet. TM Lite is provided FREE to a meet host using MEET MANAGER to distribute to the teams entering the meet.  The meet host can create TM Lite product CDs to distribute to the participating teams or purchase additional TM Lite CDs from our Sales Office.  The participating teams can also download and install TM Lite right from our web site - Click Here to download TM Lite.

TEAM MANAGER Lite is basically TEAM MANAGER with the following features enabled:

 * Standard Set-Up and Options Features
 * Enter Teams, Athletes, Relays, Meets and Browsers
 * Specifying Meet Entry Custom Times by Event or by Name
 * Import of Meet Events from a MEET MANAGER Database
 * Export of Meet Entries to send to the meet host by diskette or over the Internet
 * Meet Entry Report
Please note that TM Lite is supported only by email.
Click Here to view the TM Lite Instructions in Acrobat format.

  Download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Support for TEAM MANAGER

TM 6.0 was released on July 15, 2010. Click Here for information on Tech Support options.



TM 5.0 was released on April 7, 2008.  TM 5.0 will be supported until January 15, 2011.   Click Here for information on Tech Support options.



TM 4.0 is no longer supported. Click Here to view information about Upgrading to TEAM MANAGER 6.0.

TEAM MANAGER II Versions 2 and 3 are no longer supported.  Click Here to view information about Upgrading to TEAM MANAGER 6.0.
Win-TM or Dos-TM
Win-TM and Dos-TM are no longer supported. Click Here to view information about Upgrading to TEAM MANAGER 6.0.


Licensing Options for TEAM MANAGER

The TEAM MANAGER for Swimming software may be licensed in the following ways:

1. Club or Team License
This is the typical and most popular License option and allows the Club or Team to use the software to manage the administrative and performance needs of that ONE SWIM CLUB or TEAM.  For example, if TM is licensed to Central High School, the software may be used to manage that one High School Team - not the age group team, not a college team, etc.

2. League License
This License option allows the software to be used to manage the swimmers associated with multiple teams in that one league, typically a Summer League, LSC, or Province.  Under this License option, the software can only be installed on ONE computer used by an official of the league and cannot be used by the individual teams in that league.

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