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Team Registration Online



No more filling out paper signup and registration forms each year to signup or register your swimmers! Just complete our easy to use Team Registration menu right from your own computer and submit it with your signup payment ONLINE! Then your team administrator can download that information directly into Team Manager - no keying, no misspellings - just one mouse click to import all of your team's signups into your Team Manager database.


HY-TEK Sports Software, now part of The Active Network a leader in internet based team sign up and registration, offers the most robust and complete swim team registration and payment processing platform available.  Use HY-TEK's Team Manager with Active's registration and payment platform to move your team member signup and information collections online and simplify your team management process. 


Attention USA Swim Teams!  

Do your Club registrations online, collect the required payments, and then one-mouse click those registrations right into your Team Manager Database to export to your LSC!



Test Drive the DEMO

Download and install the current Team Manager 5.0 click on File/Import/Team Registration Online and then click on the Download Demo Swimmers button to download the information for swimmers that has been previously entered into the sign up process.  If you wish to demo the back end of the Team Registration Online process, then contact the Active Network at the contact information posted below. 

How To Get Started

Contact The Active Network by emailing Brandy.Albert@activenetwork.com.

Email: sales@hy-tekltd.com    TEL: Toll Free 866.456.5111
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