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Team Connect Online

Team Connect Online is a remote server based product and service that supports access to your Team Manager database from the web!  Seamlessly download the current Team Connect Online server copy of your team's database.   Then add new swimmers, correct spellings, update contact information, declare meet entries for the upcoming meet, and change registration information so that team coaches and administrators can view those changes when they access Team Connect Online.  No more having to mail or email them a Backup or Export for them to Restore or Import into their copy of your team's database!

Control who is able to access and edit your Team's Database using Team Connect Online's powerful Administrator Control Panel to assign and change user IDs, passwords, and edit rights information as well as view and print the Activity Log.

How It Works
Your Team Administrator initially sets up Team Connect Online for your Team License on the web for access of up to 10 Users each with password access protection and database edit right options.  One user can open the database for changes at any one time while other users can check out Athlete information, view and/or print reports, and complete any other function that does not require changes to the database.

Team Connect Online is designed to be as seamless as possible.  Just start Team Manager and click on File/ Login to Team Connect from your Team Manager desktop and you will immediately be connected to the Team Connect Online web site and asked to Login.

Once you have logged in, Team Connect Online will offer you a number of options depending on your edit rights as set up by your Team Connect Online Administrator. 

If you have edit rights to the database, make changes and as soon as you exit TM or Logoff Team Connect Online, the updated database will be uploaded to the Team Connect Online server so that other users can seamlessly download the updated database and view your changes, run any reports, etc.  Any user that has "Edit Rights" can download the Team Connect Online database in "Edit Mode".  At that point, the database is only available to "Read Only" Users.

You must be running Team Manager Release 5.0 to access Team Connect Online.

FREE Test Drive
Make sure you are running TM 4.0G or later and click on File / Login to Team Connect Online for a FREE 2 Week Subscription!

How to Get Started
All you do is take a Test Drive and then sign up for as many months as you wish. Click on the Shop Online graphic at the top of this page to order your subscription and get started.


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