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Team Stats Online

Team Stats Online offers a team/club/school the ability to upload administrative and performance information about their swimmers from Team Manager for Swimming to an Internet based product called Team Stats Online. Team Stats Online displays, filters, and sorts:

  • Athlete Rosters

  • Top Times sorted by Swimmer or by Time

  • Team, League, or LSC Rankings

  • Swimmer's Performance Graphs

  • Meet Results

  • Meet Entries for the upcoming meet

  • Time Standards

  • Records

Team Stats Online does not display flat HTML lists that you have to scroll through to find information. The Team Stats Online displays can be sorted and filtered the way you want to see the information!

Team Stats Online is compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and other internet browsers running under the Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

You must be running Team Manager Release 5.0 to access Team Stats Online.

What Team Stats Online Customers Are Saying

  • My team is really enjoying the website. It makes it so much easier to just tell them to go to the site to find the times.

  • It is great and just what we needed. I have not heard anything except compliments.

  • Our parents and swimmers can find out their rankings as well as what events they are in for the next meet - without calling me!

FREE Test Drive
Just ask the Team Manager for Swimming administrator for your team to make sure they are running Release 4.0. Then, start TM and click on File then Export then choose Team Stats Online and follow the prompts. Once you upload your information, you can use it FREE for up to 2 weeks! Then everyone on your team will be able to find information about

"who are the fastest five 50 Fly 11-12 Girl swims to date"
"who is entered in the Boys 13-14 100 Free for next weekend's meet".

Online Demo
Please Click Here to go to our Team Stats Online web page and pick the "A Demo for Team Stats Online" Swim Team and check out the various menu selections. For example, choose Athletes and then double click on Times next to an athlete to show that swimmer's Best Time in every event. Click on Entries and pick a meet and Team Stats Online will show all the entries that have been declared for that meet. Click on the Help menu selection for information about setting up and using Team Stats Online.

How to Get Started
All you do is take a Test Drive and then sign up for as many months as you wish.    Just click on the Shop Online graphic at the top of this page to order your subscription and get started.

Email: sales@hy-tekltd.com    TEL: Toll Free 866.456.5111

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