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Sports BUSINESS MANAGER (SportsBM) has been designed to enable coaches, boards of directors, sports team owners, administrators, secretaries, and bookkeepers to effectively and easily manage the financial affairs of a sports team.  Although the software employs sophisticated database concepts, Sports BUSINESS MANAGER is designed for the computer novice that doesn't necessarily know a great deal about accounting.  You might think of SportsBM as Quicken™ for Sports Clubs.

One of the most important features of SportsBM is its ability to send your members one invoice which keeps five separate accounts for each family: dues, entry fees, travel fund, taxable sales, and non-taxable sales.  Your members write one check!  You need only one checking account instead of three!  Additionally, the system gives you the ability to establish an escrow amount (a credit balance amount) for each family’s entry fee account and to hold in escrow any credit balances in any of the other four accounts, such as in the travel fund account. 

Printing and mailing invoices is a major task for most teams, but SportsBM can make this task simple and fast.  The specially designed invoice contains the mailing address and return address so that you can fold it and place it in a double window envelope for mailing.  No need for labels, pre-printed envelopes, or pre-printed invoice forms. SportsBM does, however, have an excellent mailing label printing utility.  And you can even Email your invoices, saving your team hundreds of dollars in postage each year!

If your school or club uses MEET MANAGER and/or TEAM MANAGER software, SportsBM supports our Data Interchange Format to import/export information to/from these products.  So with any of our products, you only enter information ONCE.

The following is a highlight list of features included in SportsBM.

Current Release of SportsBM

  • ALL of the DOS-BM functionality and reports.
  • Full Windows look and feel.
  • The ability to export all reports to Word, CSV, HTML, etc.
  • Enhanced reports in terms of layout and look & feel.
  • Expansion of the number of facility sites from 4 to unlimited.
  • Ability to include subcategories for each of the 5 invoice account categories.
  • Addition of Subgroups to Groups which greatly increases the QuickBilling (formerly Automatic Billing) matrix for training fees.
  • Our 3rd generation connectivity with Import/Export support for TEAM MANAGER and MEET MANAGER.
  • Store multiple messages for invoices.

What You Will Need to Run SportsBM
SportsBM requires a Pentium, Celeron, or AMD computer of at least 300 MHz (preferably a 1 GHz or faster) with at least 32 MB of RAM (preferably 64 MB of RAM or more) and Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or XP Pro, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

DOS-BM Customers
For DOS-BM product users, SportsBM also comes with a fast and easy-to-use feature that in a matter of seconds converts your entire DOS-BM database to the SportsBM Database format.

Support and Maintenance Updates for SBM

Click Here for information on Tech Support options. 

Pricing and Order Information
SportsBM is offered to Customers who currently own DOS-BM for the upgrade price of $189.00. When you upgrade to SportsBM, you automatically receive the options that you have in your current DOS-BM product. For example, if you have the Automatic Billing option in your current DOS-BM version, then you will AUTOMATICALLY receive that option when you upgrade to SportsBM (with the new name of QuickBilling).

SportsBM Options
QuickBilling Option

  ..... Set-up your fee structure and charge the monthly fee to hundreds of athletes in a matter of seconds. Also provides for charging a one-time fee to any group of athletes or family accounts.

Checkbook Option

  ..... Balances your checkbook and permits categorizing all payments and deposits for easy to read business reports, including payroll reports. Also permits creating a budget and showing "over" or "under" during any period of months.

Email Invoice Option

 .... When creating a set of invoices, instead of printing the invoices, you can automatically email the invoices in a matter of seconds. Save $15 to $75 per month on postage.

Pro Option

  ..... The Pro option is designed for a team/club office that uses multiple computers connected to a Network - for example a standard Windows peer-to-peer network. Just install Sports BM Pro on each computer and share one common club database located on any one of the computers. Up to 9 coaches/volunteers can sign on to the Sports BM shared Database at one time and work on their particular group of athletes or their particular set of invoices, accounts, or reports.

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